Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random updates

We're thinking of a small breed of cow or a couple goats to maintain the orchard and back pasture.
The cover crop is crawling with lady bugs, their larvae and crickets...blueberry bushes are humming and swaying with throngs of bumblebees...five types of butterflies were visiting the azaleas yesterday. This place is turning into a downright zoo! haha.

Blueberry bushes look great...

Spring has sprung!

Ten new hens have arrived; they're currently being quarantined from the rest of the flock just in case.

tiny eggs

 A hen went broody, so I made her a box and let her be. 21 days later...nine new babies.

 Greenhouse in the morning...

The house is slowly looking better.


I'm building in-row chicken tractors to help control weeds and crawling pests.
Found this picture of Mike-perhaps it was a halloween costume. He had no idea...

Inter-planted carrots, lettuce and garlic.

My new toy; Mike wanted to kill me. But, straight from the soapbox, folks, it saves the emissions comparable to driving a car 100 miles for every hour you use it. That's been a few hours so far! I love it because it's super light and everything adjusts, plus the blades are set up as a flywheel, meaning energy is stored from the wheels to keep the blades spinning even after you stop. No, I'm not getting paid by Fiskars.

Beginning of the orchard. Apples, plums, peaches, one bartlett pear, one pineapple pear.

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