Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wee Farm blueberries are now at market!

sunrise over the old peanut plant

rye in the evening

collards and redskin taters

kale and red cabbage

Mike in the blueberries

carrots and leeks

turnips and rutabagas


pickling cukes

Trey and Cerisa visit Wee Farm

Homemade bread with yeast from a batch of brew

Wee Farm salad mix and dressing, homemade bread, cheese, seitan and bbq sauce with sprouts from the Herb Lady and our cilantro. Roasted veggies from Kennedys and from Walker Organics. Yum!

Homemade bread with cheese from our cow, basil and first tomatoes of the season.

Summer is here.

Pita helps husk corn.

Sweet corn from down the road at Old Freeman Family Farm.

Large rat snake

Mothers Day weekend market

Blackie-Brownie works hard

Guest room trim all scraped and re-painted.

Bottling the first batch of brew

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