Monday, September 16, 2013

Hens for sale - $8
9 RIR hens for sale, 10 months old. Have been raised free-range, no antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

 Red Creole onions
You know it's been a wet summer...

Homemade grape-nuts

First farm peaches

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Egg Business

I feel I owe it to ya'll to let you know what's going on with the chicken situation.

I'm selling the majority of my flock, keeping just a few back for myself.
I'm trying to "re-align" things in my life, if you know what I mean by that. Just feeding myself seems like enough right now, so that's where I'm headed back to. I'm not meant to be a business person; maybe I should consider myself lucky that money has never been much of a motivator for me (besides wanting to make enough to survive). All the joy has gone out of it for me, and I thought maybe I'm just tired or burnt out, but I realize it happened when I scaled up and bought those 100 RIR chicks from a hatchery this past winter. I didn't love them like I'd always loved my hens-they were means to an end-paying bills and not turning customers away.

Chickens have been part of my life since I could walk; I remember Mom putting a warm chick from the brooder box in my chubby little hands and showing me how to not squeeze it to death. By the time I started grade school, it was my job to feed the hens and my favorite fat, white one I toted around under my arm.

Even up to last year, I could watch chickens for hours, got a kick from just hanging out and feeding them from my hand. I like them enough that I want them to have a great life, eating good food (oh, I switched to oats as feed recently to be GMO-free, didn't mention that), bugs and grass, and going where they pleased. It wasn't financially feasible to fence off the entire six acres for the chickens to roam, and it's not fair (or very sanitary!) to keep 150+ chickens in any stationary pen as far as I'm concerned, so I let them free-range. I figured up that foxes have cost me upwards of $2,000 in lost hens and production, much more since then. But, that lost money doesn't feel as bad as missing Gandolph riding on my feed bucket one morning and realizing she'd been eaten...and Lucy & Lacy, Wren, Sopita, Thing 3, Bubba, Bertha and Nutsy, and on...It's a dilemma-deciding whether you are giving them a better life cooped up but safe, or free and chancing getting ripped apart by wildlife. And I'll admit that my anger over losing so many led me to put aside my ideals about preserving wildlife. The tally is up to a couple snakes and five foxes between Mike, myself and the dog. It will be a relief to not be on alert constantly for chicken predator calls, and to not feel like I'm forsaking part of myself every time I run outside with a shotgun.

So, there's the majority of why I'm getting away from the egg business. I will finish the season for the Statesboro market, bringing soap, pears, whatever mixed veg or flowers I have extra of. The hens went to Hunter Cattle, so I imagine check with them in the future for fresh eggs. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed Wee Farm eggs.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello All,

Tomorrow I'm bringing pears! There's soap, and if I think it's cured enough, there's a fresh Honey Oatmeal bar and a Toasted Honey Bran, which I've been sold out of for awhile; it's the bar that smells like warm graham crackers. And lip balm, soap baggies, fresh basil, maybe some flowers. I'm going to be very, very short on eggs tomorrow, probably only 2-3 dozen, so first come, first serve.

I will see you then,
Wee Farm

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear General Public,

In spite of the fact that I live on the farm, the farmhouse is still a private residence. This means that I should not come from the back of the house to find a stranger in the kitchen. If I do not answer the door immediately, this does not warrant entering or peeking in the windows. Also, do not open the door and let the dog out. If I walked into your home and said “oh, I just wanted to look around and you didn’t answer the door,” it wouldn’t be a surprise if you called the cops.

While we’re on the topic, this is not Applebee’s. I don’t appreciate folks parking at the end of the driveway and laying on the horn, expecting curbside service.  

Thank you.

(this was not directed at any of my customers or regulars, these people were truly strangers. If you would like to have a look at the farm, let me know, and I'll be glad to show you around.)

Shaving Soap

I took a peek at the ingredients list for a common shaving soap at a common drug-store, and (in order) here is what I found:

~Propylene Glycol
~Sodium Stearate
~Sodium Laureth Sulfate
~Sodium Myristate
~Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
~Aloe Leaf Juice
~Shea Butter
~Titanium Dioxide
~FD&C Yellow #5
~FD&C Red #40

I was going to look all these up and report on the associations to endocrine disruption, cancer or whatever, but that seems a bit tiring.
And at the danger of appearing pretentious, I'll compare that to ingredients in the Shaving Soap I make:

~Organic olive oil
~Coconut Oil
~Colloidal oatmeal (colloidal is a fancy word meaning pulverized)
~Bentonite Clay (naturally occurring, from the earth, used traditionally by Native Americans, this is what makes the rich, slippery lather)
~Lye (aka Sodium Hydroxide)
~Essential oils (steam distilled from actual plants, no synthetics or perfume fragrances)

It's a round bar that works really well as a refill for shaving cups. Add a nice shaving brush, and you're on your way from disposable, chemical-laden shaving cream cans of the past. It works for ladies, too! :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tomorrow for market I'll have eggs, soap, flowers, lip balm and soap baggies. The Herb Lady won't be there, so I'll bring as much basil and other herbs as I have.

And I don't know that I've mentioned this, but I've transitioned my soaps to 100% Organic olive oil. I buy in bulk from a US company, not from Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, etc. I purchased the paper for labels from a secondhand store instead of increasing demand for raw materials (and the tape from a dumpster). The soap baggies are recycled fabric. And yes, for all the people who have asked, I do use my soap, and only my soap :)


Friday, August 9, 2013

Eggs, soap, flowers, lip balm, soap baggies, a few figs and some pears for tomorrow. See you then! ~Wee Farm

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello Folks,
Eggs, brown turkey figs, soap, flowers and lip balm tomorrow. I've made a few prototype soap bags from recycled fabric for the market as well-use them to tote your bar home, then in the shower as a washcloth and to keep it hanging dry.
See you all for German day!
Wee Farm

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello All,
Tomorrow at market I'll have a few brown turkey figs, so come early. I'll also have eggs, soap (a new Tea Tree bar), lip balm (a new Key Lime) and flowers.
Hope to see you all there!
Wee Farm

Watch this TED talk by Ron Finley, the guerilla gardener:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Minty Fresh Soap, Milk-N-Honey (local milk and honey) soap, and Rosemary Lavender Soap fresh for tomorrow. Tea tree with my dried rosemary for next week. Flowers and eggs, too :)

We're water-logged here and the plants seem to be getting tired of it; we're at 23" so far for July! . We'll see what tomorrow brings...probably more rain :)


Monday, July 8, 2013


There come times when I grow dis-satisfied with where I am. It doesn't have to do with Georgia or Screven or Dover or anywhere I am physically. A restlessness grows in my heart and there are more things I want to do in life than are humanly possible. The change I long to enact never comes fast enough or large enough. I'm feeling it in a big way today, likely having to do with what I'm reading and a grocery store.

So, I'm reading "Letters from the Hive" and just finished "Drifting into Darien" by our local Janisse Ray and I'm saddened in the manner that comes with beautiful self-sabotage and bittersweet helplessness, being one person among billions. I feel conflicted anyway every time I turn on a light or appliance, or run a freezer to keep garden produce (plain old hypocrisies), feel that no matter how far down the green road I go, that there remains room for improvement. Plus we're all in this together-it will take more people living better and more years than I have before I could hope to breathe truly clean air or drink uncontaminated water; we are a global community sharing consequences.

True, I shouldn't discount the positives of what I'm doing with my life and I can't hope to know how I'm affecting my customers and friends, so I try to not get discouraged when it feels like it's little me up against corporate greed, plutocracy and blind consumerism. And how can we even try to vote for the world we want when our capitalist society is hell-bent on keeping us in blinders to make a buck? Or in stark reality, most of us simply can't afford to vote how we would want to?

My food habits are always improving (because there's always room) and I want to share a neat-o app we found for smartphones. "A buycott is the opposite of a boycott. Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles."

We were out of town yesterday and stopped at a grocery on the way home (super-bummed the health food store in Jesup is closed on Sundays). Mike was craving ice cream but of course reading labels means no ice cream...rBGH, mono and triglycerides, HFCS, preservatives, etc. Dispirited, we opted for juice (which I know, fresh juice is better and I'm holding a petroleum-based plastic bottle that traveled across the country via fossil fuels). Grabbed a couple Naked bottles and headed out. Continued our trek and remembered the boycott app. Turns out Naked is a subsidiary of Pepsi, which uses GMO products and lobbied against Prop37 in California. Screw you, Naked. I scanned the label and wouldn't have purchased it if it read "Pepsi" and that's probably what they're counting on. And the grocery store itself felt indicative to me of this country's problem with food. The very first thing you come to is chest-high display running the width of the store-twinkies, hostess, I don't even know all the names. Boxes and boxes of brightly-colored poison and imitation food products. The ends of aisles butting up to this display? One containing pork rinds, another Hershey's syrup, another Piggly Wiggly t-shirts (don't even get me started on cotton herbicides and 80% of clothing purchased annually in the US going to landfills), another did have a shelf of canned corn and a shelf of boiled peanuts, but sandwiched with Capri-sun on top and bottom, another of Manwich, and a display of "juice" that on closer inspection was sugar water with artificial flavor, petro-based dyes and corn syrup. If you make it past all this, there is the far-off land of "fresh" produce. Our brains already crave sugar, salts and fats, from when these things were scarce and we evolved to get them when the gettin' was good, but couple that wiring with this grocery store layout and most of us are doomed.

We passed a family of five doing their shopping, and I wanted to cry. Three skinny, very pale children, with dark circles, looking all-around unhealthy; the cart was full to the top: fruit-loops, captain crunch, white bread, bologna, soda pop, microwave pizzas, and they were deciding on ice cream sandwiches. Even for those who still cook? My mom did an excellent job feeding us with what she had, but now I think about the mashed taters being full of pesticides, the butter- antibiotics, growth hormones and rBGH, the bread with bleached, processed, nutritionally-devoid flour. She kept cooking the way her family always had, baking bread, making noodles, but the landscape of her ingredients changed without her knowing. Don't take a label's word for it; find out for yourself. And information is power. We need to get the power back in the hands and forks of people, regular ol' people.

And that is my rant for today. Please feel free to talk at me about foodstuffs, although I am more composed and slightly less "ADD" when I write. Tootaloo!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

New-and-Old photo mix

 new taters
Baby is now at Acacia Tree Farm



About to rename her "Marley"...

Root beer





old table "before"

Grolsch with root beer

A bird decided to build a nest in the greenhouse inside this fake owl.



Schroeder siblings talk chickens.

My first time growing goji berries.


table post-tile work and pre-paint





Busy berry bush

Pickled eggs with Wee herbs and onions, too.


max capacity