Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 update

Hi Everyone,
It's been awhile so it's time for a general farm update...

As of right now, Wee Farm will be representing at the Statesboro Downtown Market every Saturday morning this season. Fingers crossed we'll have our eggs, blueberries, figs, pears, herbs, soap and lip balm, and veggies in season. My lovely sister, Audra, hand-printed some awesome Wee Farm shirts for me to look profesh while I hawk my wares (we used thrift store shirts and are thinking of making some available for purchase). Mike's been a good sport for sure, working on the cow barn and helping me clear weeds out of the blueberry patch. He cut mushroom logs and we inoculated them with shitake spawn.

There are many more hens than last year so I hope to not turn anyone looking for eggs away. The greenhouse is bigger this season and bursting with seedlings-lots more transplanting to do this weekend. Trying raised beds and a more intensive growing method with assistance from Mike and Karen's beautiful soil mix at Longwood Plantation; my two or three cubic yards of compost, while beautiful, didn't go too far (with the cows and more chickens, the volume of my composting operation should increase this year). I'm trying a couple new things this year in the way of veggie varieties, so if I can just remember to take notes on what works for future reference, I'll be good. The weather was awesome this winter but I'm sure the bugs loved it as well.

There won't be any earth-oven bread this season at market since the oven bit the dust. The cob was cracked beyond repair and losing too much heat to be usable anymore. I'm doing larger bars of soap and experimenting with lip balm and skin moisturizer. A shampoo bar is also on the to-do list. The solar dehydrator will come in handy when I need our dried herbs for making soap. Should either cow ever calve, I'll use our milk for the soap, too. Virginia the cow isn't doing so good right at the moment...piss-poor-husbandry I guess, ashamed to say, although the new cow barn is complete enough they can get out of the rain at least. Looks like a lack of stomach fauna leading to poor digestion and not-thriving, so she's on deck for de-wormer and probiotics (sorry if that's TMI).

Pita the puppy is turning a year old April 2nd and she's honestly turned out to be a pain more often than we originally hoped...aka: LOVES to chase chickens. Why not? They are fun squawking, flapping toys and she's perpetually  holding a point on one or another. She has turned out to love trailing the fox, though, so that's a small perk. We've been continually plagued by falcons, hawks and worst of all, foxes. Those foxes are incredibly beautiful, agile creatures, and all the fairy tales about them being smart and cunning are true. They're watching....always watching. 

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm as I adjusted to life in South Georgia and I look forward to seeing you out at the market. Should my sunhat and my knees hold out, here's to another season!

Peace and love,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some 2013 pics

Lip balm labels

cow barn in progress

green tea in the greenhouse

Coastal Organic Growers meeting

my lovely dark compost

mulching berries

planting potatoes

going to try toilet paper tubes as individual biodegradable pots...we'll see

Nike teaching babies how to roost

Chicks in the greenhouse. Put the chick box in the greenhouse since I needed to keep them warm, it was also ambient heat for seedlings during the nights.


We need to fix the garage door.

We ate lots of dandelion salads when I was a kid, but this is the first time I've seen them in a real grocery store.

Omelet with our eggs

Bed-time cows. 

Can't finish the barn without Chester's supervision.

Audra modeling the banner and Wee Farm paraphernalia she made. 


Wiring for electric fence around barn gates.

New nest boxes!

Used old five-gallon buckets for some nest boxes.

Happy chickies.