Monday, August 19, 2013

Shaving Soap

I took a peek at the ingredients list for a common shaving soap at a common drug-store, and (in order) here is what I found:

~Propylene Glycol
~Sodium Stearate
~Sodium Laureth Sulfate
~Sodium Myristate
~Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
~Aloe Leaf Juice
~Shea Butter
~Titanium Dioxide
~FD&C Yellow #5
~FD&C Red #40

I was going to look all these up and report on the associations to endocrine disruption, cancer or whatever, but that seems a bit tiring.
And at the danger of appearing pretentious, I'll compare that to ingredients in the Shaving Soap I make:

~Organic olive oil
~Coconut Oil
~Colloidal oatmeal (colloidal is a fancy word meaning pulverized)
~Bentonite Clay (naturally occurring, from the earth, used traditionally by Native Americans, this is what makes the rich, slippery lather)
~Lye (aka Sodium Hydroxide)
~Essential oils (steam distilled from actual plants, no synthetics or perfume fragrances)

It's a round bar that works really well as a refill for shaving cups. Add a nice shaving brush, and you're on your way from disposable, chemical-laden shaving cream cans of the past. It works for ladies, too! :)

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