Wee Farmers

   I was raised an Ohio country girl; after an art degree and some bouncing around, I never thought I'd return to the land to try to make a living. But, the fact that I can't be kept indoors combined with an insane love for good food meant it was nearly inevitable. I was the girl growing basil and cherry tomatoes in my dorm window, letting creativity and resourcefulness flow because it's a lifestyle for me, not a fad. "Organic" farming stems naturally from all I believe in. I do it for others and I also do it for myself, because I truly enjoy it. Whether or not I ever sold another dozen eggs or bunch of beets, I'd keep on farming.

   I've worked on farms in Washington state and Maryland, worked a garden in Alaska, visited countless others, and volunteered at some. I've picked up a little here and a little there, but still feel like a newby everyday; there are constant challenges in this profession. I'm coming to see this way of life as a retirement plan, and it's not that I want to spend all my time planning for forty years from now, however, I'll begin reaping the benefits now. Acquiring skills not everyone has and investing in tangible material goods and land means I won't be dependent on someone else to look out for me or feed me when I get older. Not to mention I find few things in life more satisfying than getting dirty and creative, inventing, being resourceful...that and picking food fresh from my backyard for dinner.

   I want and need to partner with people who believe in clean, safe and nutritious food but maybe don't have the time or resources to take it on themselves; they are the ones who truly appreciate the work I do and make it all worth while. I don't know that things will turn around in my lifetime, but everytime you buy from a local farmer, you're voting for that partnership to continue and investing in an alternative future.

has historically been more of a suburbanite, but recently awakened to the idea of picking food right from the yard for dinner. The prospect of a sustainable homestead excites him, so he helps out whenever he can, although he's busily enrolled at GSU.
You'll hear more about him as soon as he gets some time to write :).

If we ever get free time again, we love exploring new things and places, love canoeing, dogs, hiking, biking, thrift stores, camping, reading and eating good food.

Mike planting shallots

Wasn't he so cute? hahaha

Pita Pocket, the someday farm dog


  1. I had the pleasure of visiting Wee Farm yesterday afternoon! It's a wonderful little farm and gave me a sense of peace. I got some awesome homemade soap! Amelia is the best & taller than me!! What she is doing there is simply good-good for the animals, plants, environment, & the soul!!! I look forward to working with her in the future!!! Peace & Love!! Tracy

    1. Looking forward to working with you, too! Enjoyed our visit. Send me your email and I can send my soap info :) Best of luck opening up! Peace

  2. Amelia, your food and farm images are wonderful to behold. I used the top one (let me know if that's okay) at my site wild bee farmlet ...would love to visit and vice versa. We're enjoying your berry minty soap. See you at the market!